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Higher Maths


The study of Higher Mathematics develops logical reasoning, analysis, problem-solving skills and the ability to think in abstract ways, as well as offering opportunities for creativity. It is a rich and stimulating subject with the capacity to engage and fascinate learners and has a wide applicability to science, engineering, technology, business, industry and not least to everyday life. Mathematics is an ever expanding body of knowledge, skills, concepts and techniques essential in the efficient handling of information and the solution of problems.


Students may progress to Advanced Higher Mathematics or exit to higher or further education, using either the qualification as a general or specific entry requirement for mathematics, engineering, or science HNC/D or degree courses.


Power Points and Notes

Radians and Exact Values
Straight Line
Quadratics, Functions and Graphs
Transformation of Graphs
Logs (part 1)

Recurrence Relations



A copy of each homework is available  - click to view Higher Maths Homework.




Past papers and solutions

To try out past papers and check the solutions -  click here to view Higher Maths Past Papers.




Straight Line

Addition Formulae


Exponential and Logs




 September Test 2015       Answers to September Test 2015

 Revision for December Test     Answers to Revision for December Test

Applications Revision Answers


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