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We have gathered together resources we think will help parents/carers familiarise themselves with the tools being used to deliver and support remote learning to our young people.

National 4/5

National 4/5 Geography Resources

Whole Course Resources

Sample National 5 paper

As the courses are new, much of the material listed below is catering for either Standard Grade or GCSE qualifications.  These are both at a similiar level and have similar content to National 4/5 Geography.

BBC Bitesize 

 All Saints Secondary School



 Topic - Weather

S4 Weather Revision

Air pressure, depressions and anticyclone powerpoint

The difference between weather and climate

Weather elements and instruments

The hydrological cycle

Depressions and anti-cyclones

Depressions and frontal rainfall


 Topic - Rivers

 Rivers - BBC



Rivers overview

Formation of a waterfall (animation is particularly useful)

Formation of meanders and ox-bow lakes

River deltas

Topic - Limestone

What is Limestone?

The Science of water weathering limestone

Water chemically weathering limestone

Calcium carbonate

Limestone features powerpoint

Yorkshire Dales Case Study

Land use issues in the Yorkshire Dales

Information about Yorkshire Dales National Park


Topic - Population



World Population Data (interactive)

UK population distribution

Where in the world do people live

Demographic transition model

Population pyramids

 Topic - Settlements



Mexico City - case study

Urban geography

Urban land use models

Comparison of MEDCs and LEDCs

Urban Renewal in Glasgow

New Towns

Urban renewal in Paris

Urban problems in LEDC

New Towns Clip 1

New Towns Clip 2

New Towns Clip 3


Topic - The Countryside

These videos cover a wide range of opinions regarding some modern day farming techniques.

The Farming System


Types of farming

Farming processes

Farming in rural areas


Farming Clips

GM Crops

precision farming

Organic farming

What is organic?

Topic - Environmental Hazards

Natural hazards

National 4 resources

National 5 resources part 1

National 5 resources part 2

revision for earth forces and links to other useful sites

Hurricanes clip

How hurricanes work

Hurricanes ppt

Impact of Hurricane Katrina

International Aid

Aid Revision

Typhoon Haiyan  Part 1  Part 2a  Part2b  Part3a  Part3b  Part4


Topic - Health (Cholera, Malaria, HIV & Heart Disease)


BBC - malaria

BBC - heart disease

BBC - HIV & Aids

BBC - Cholera




Map skills and contours


Added Value Unit


















































































































































































































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