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We have gathered together resources we think will help parents/carers familiarise themselves with the tools being used to deliver and support remote learning to our young people.

Primary 7 (New S1)

We hope you are looking forward to coming to Carluke High School. You will have a two day visit on 27th and 28th May 2020 which will introduce you to the building and some of your teachers. Your parents are invited to attend Parents' Information Evening date TBA. A few days before you come you will be given a timetable which tells you which class you are in, which subjects you will have and where you will have them.

The two day visit is very important for the following reasons:

Senior pupils will show you where to go to all your classes.You will meet some of your new teachers.You will use a timetable for the first time.You begin new work, which you will continue after the summer holidays.You meet pupils from other Primary Schools who will be in your new class.You meet your Pupil Support Teacher.

Read on to find out some more important information you should know.

 What should I wear?

School Uniform PE Kit
Black Blazer Navy/black shorts
Black trousers/skirt Gym shoes/training shoes
White shirt/blouse White t-shirt/ House t-shirt
School tie Track suit strousers for outdoors
Black shoes  


People I should know 

Head Teacher
Mr S Duffy

Mrs Hope
Mrs Sim
Mr Robertson
Mrs K McCormick
Mr Kerr

Pupil Support
Belstane Mr Shearer
Douglas Mr O'Neill
Halbar Mrs Strachan-Young
Kirkton Mrs Swan
Milton Miss Hutchinson (Acting)
Lee Miss Eadie (Acting)


 School Times

Monday - Thursday
8.40-8.50am                   Registration
8.50-9.40am                   Period 1
9.40-10.30am                 Period2
10.30-11.20am               Period 3
11.20-11.35am               Morning Break
11.35am-12.25pm          Period 4
12.25-1.15pm                Period 5
1.15-1.55pm                  Lunchtime
1.55-2.45pm                  Period 6
2.45-3.35pm                  Period 7
8.40-8.50am                 Registration
8.50-9.40am                 Period 1
9.40-10.30am               Period 2
10.30-10.45am             Morning Break
10.45-11.35am             Period 3
11.35am-12.25pm        Period 4




The cafeteria is in the Street and offers a wide range of hot and cold food.

Pupils can pre-order their lunch at morning intervals.

Seating in the Street is also available to those pupils who prefer to bring a packed lunch.


 Fact or Fiction?

I'm told you get your head put down the toilet? FICTION   
I'm told there's a school ghost? FICTION  
I'm told you get rewards for good behaviour? FACT  Points are collected for a whole class so try your best.
I'm told you've got 15 different subjects in 1st year? FACT   See if you can remember them all.
I'm told I've got to wear school uniform? FACT   
I'm told you get tests every week? FICTION   
I'm told you have to do 5 hours homework every night?   FICTION   
I'm told you can join clubs after school? FACT   There's lots to choose from.
I'm told you get egged on your birthday? FICTION  
I'm told you get to make new friends? FACT  And they'll still be your friends when you leave school.












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