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Half Day Visits:
Our P7/S1 Transition Programme has just begun with each of our Feeder Primary Schools visiting Carluke High School for a half day visit. This includes lessons in PE, Music, Art, Home Economics and Technology.

This allows our P7 pupils the chance to begin to experience what life is like at High School and to meet some of our teachers.

After each half day visit Mrs Sim (in charge of Transition) will visit each P7 class the following Friday and spend more time with our P7 pupils to start to go through a sample timetable, the format of our school day, what S1 will look like for them and answer the many questions our keen P7s may have about their transition to Carluke High School.

Transfer Information:
Each Primary School has been asked to send Transfer Information to Mrs Sim that will allow her to create each class and House group for the new S1 intake.

S1 Elective
P7 Elective Booklets will be with each school by the end of February. Our P7s get to choose a subject for a double period in S1 from Cooking to Science, PE to Music there is a wide variety of options which gives each P7 personalisation and choice for their S1 Curriculum. Mrs Sim will discuss the Elective with the P7s on her visit to each Primary School.

Open Evening:
There is an Open Evening on April 17th 2019: 6.30pm-7.45pm where Parents/Carers and our young people will take part in a variety of workshops and showcase events about Transition and becoming a pupil of Carluke High School.

Transition Days
There are also two Transition days for our P7 pupils on Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st May 2019 where they will spend two full days, following their own timetable in the House groups they will be in come August 2019.

This is another great opportunity for our young people to get to know their new classmates and teachers, and continue to find their way around Carluke High School.

Enhanced Transition
Every young person will have their own way of learning and accessing the curriculum. Some of our young people may, at times, need additional support for them to be successful and for us to meet their needs. Moving to High School can be a big change and some of our young people may need some additional time in the lead up to their transition to High School. We work in close partnership with our Primary Schools at all times and the following dates are on offer for P7 pupils to access some additional time at our school from 12.45pm to 1.45pm:

22nd February
22nd March
26th April
17th May
21st June

If you feel your child would benefit from Enhanced Transition, please contact your Primary School to find out if your child is part, or could be part of, our Enhanced Transition Programme. You can also obtain additional information from Ms Robinson (Principal Teacher of Support for Learning) at Carluke High School.

If you require any further information about Transition, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Sim


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