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Personal and Social Education

Knowledge       Attitudes      Skills      Values


PSE is taught in register classes and is delivered one period a week for S1-S6, by the appropriate Pupil Support Teacher.

It aims to help pupils:

  • make the most of themselves
  • cope with the challenges of being a teenager
  • get the best out of school life
  • develop positive relationships with friends and family
  • develop respect and tolerance for others
  • make informed decisions about their health, personal safety and career
  • monitor their own progress and set achievable targets
  • prepare themselves for the world of work
  • cope with transitions
  • develop a sense of responsibility


The PSE programme in Carluke High School progressively develops the skills in young people to enable them to become:

  • successful learners
  • responsible citizens
  • effective contributors
  • confident individuals


Click on the links below to see detailed course information  UNDER DEVELOPMENT

S1 Programme Summary

S2 Programme Summary

S3 Programme Summary

S4 Programme Summary

S5 Programme Summary




Active methodologies are central to every PSE session.


Active methodologies used in PSE
Group Work Discussion Quizzes
Role Play Case Studies Presentations
DVD's Research ICT








Outside speakers and Theatre companies contribute to the delivery of the programme.

In line with the Scottish Executive guidance on Sex Education in Scottish Schools and the South Lanarkshire Council Guidelines on Sexual Health and Relationships Education, parents may request details of course content and materials used when dealing with these issues.

Any other parent wishing to see the course outline and/ or materials should contact Mrs J Craig.

All S1 parents will receive a leaflet and letter outlining the SHRE course content.



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