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Staff Lists

Head Teacher
Mr A Smith

Depute Head Teachers
Mr N Farquharson
Mr J Kerr
Mr G Roberts
Mrs K McCormick
Mr J Shearer (Acting)


Teaching Staff

Ms Dobbie (Head of Faculty)
Mr Williamson

Mrs Forshaw
Mrs Paterson
Miss Scott
Mr Hendry
Miss Paton

Business Education
Mrs Wilson
Mrs Young

Mr Jamil (Head of Faculty - Science)
Mr Kerr (Depute Head Teacher)
Mrs Wilson
Mrs Hand
Miss Gracie

Mrs Lindsay (Head of Faculty - IT & Business Education)
Mr Quinton
Mrs Weir
Mr Jones

Miss Lindsay (Head of Faculty)
Mrs McDonald
Mr O'Neill (Principal Teacher of Pupil Support - Douglas)
Miss Sweeney
Mrs Hall (Principal Teacher of Pupil Support - Milton)
Ms Duncan
Ms Gaughan
Miss Goldie
Miss Keenan
Mr Campbell

Miss McCaskill (Head of Faculty)
Mrs Craig (Principal Teacher of Pupil Support – Lee)
Mrs Swan (Principal Teacher of Pupil Support - Kirkton)
Ms Strachan (Principal Teacher of Pupil Support - Halbar (Acting))

Miss Glancy
Mrs Williams

Home Economics
Mrs St. John (Head of Faculty)
Mrs Forrest
Mrs Ross
Mrs Cuthbertson
Miss Creaney

Mr Anderson (Head of Faculty)
Mr Farquharson (Depute Head Teacher)
Mrs Gillespie
Ms Love
Mrs N McCormack
Mrs Mullen
Mrs Towers
Ms King
Ms Armstrong
Mrs Tarbard

Modern Languages

Miss Prowse (Head of Faculty)
Mrs McCormick ( Depute Head )
Mrs Hope
Ms McGuigan
Mrs Elsweiler
Mr Salinas
Miss Reid

Modern Studies
Miss Robinson (Principal Teacher of Pupil Support – Milton (Acting))
Miss Eadie
Ms Safdar

Mrs Davenport
Mr Sinclair
Miss Campbell (Principal Teacher of Pupil Support - Belstane (Acting))
Mr Salinas

Physical Education
Mr Meehan (Head of Faculty)
Mrs Pringle
Mr Roberts (Depute Head Teacher)
Mr Connelly
Mr Smith
Mr Strachan
Mr Potter

Mr Forshaw
Dr Gall
Mr Shearer (Acting Deputy Head Teacher)
Miss Keir

Religious Education
Mrs Mitchell

Speech and Drama
Mrs McMaster
Mrs Whitefield
Miss Walker

Support for Learning
Mrs Magnus (Head of Faculty)
Mr McLennan

Technical Education
Mr Forster
Mr Ng

Non-Teaching Staff

School Support Staff 
Mrs Steel (Team Leader)
Mrs Edgar
Mrs Steen
Mrs Fingland
Ms Langford
Mrs Mackie
Mrs Muir
Mrs Shajahan
Mrs Gashi

Mrs Martin

Mrs McNulty

FM Janitors
Mr Murray
Mr Fingland

Mr Reid (Team Leader)
Mrs Harper
Mr King
Ms Smith


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Carluke High School
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Tel: 01555 773680
Fax: 01555 773681

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