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Home Learning Hub

We have gathered together resources we think will help parents/carers familiarise themselves with the tools being used to deliver and support remote learning to our young people.

Severe Weather

What will happen if it becomes necessary to close the school early:


  • Bus pupils will be told to go to designated areas within the school building and will not be released until we know the buses have arrived.
  • Under no circumstances should bus pupils take it upon themselves to walk home. This is extremely dangerous at any time but particularly in difficult weather conditions.
  • Members of the Senior Management Team (SMT) remain in school until all pupils are safely collected or appropriate arrangements made with parents. Pupils who know they will be unable to get into their own house or that of a friend, relative or emergency contact must report to SMT in the 'Street'.
  • We would ask parents to ensure that their son / daughter know what they should do and where they should go in the event that the school is forced to close early due to bad weather. For bus pupils from outlying areas, this might include making arrangements to go home with a friend if the weather conditions prevent the bus driver being able to complete the normal route.
  • It is not possible for the school to individually phone parents to advise of an early closure. However, a text message will be sent to all parents via our Groupcall system. We would be grateful if you would ensure we have an up to date mobile number for you otherwise a message will be sent to the home number.
  • We understand that snow will always have its attractions to school pupils. However, all pupils should be aware that deliberately throwing snowballs at staff, visitors to the school, cars, buses or any part of the building is unacceptable behaviour. Pupils involved will have their parents contacted and further sanctions may also be applied.



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