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We have gathered together resources we think will help parents/carers familiarise themselves with the tools being used to deliver and support remote learning to our young people.

Listen Well

Listen Well

Why is listening important?

Listening gives time and space for people to:

Tell their story
Understand and be understood
Be valued and respected as a unique individual
Be able to express feelings honestly without judgement

Listening Time 4 U (LT4U) offers a safe space where pupils have the opportunity and time to explore their concerns or worries in confidence with a trained Listener.

LT4U is there as an early intervention to help normalise a pupil’s experience. It works best when pupils feel coming is a choice they themselves have made rather than it being mandatory.

LT4U is NOT counselling.

A pupil might be:

• Being bullied
• Having difficulty making friends
• Experiencing family problems
• Feeling down, sad or fearful
• Feeling stressed with homework or exams
• Feeling uncertain about choices for the future
• Worrying about issues e.g. drugs, alcohol or LGBT

Having someone who will listen well without judgement can often help the pupils feel better and not alone.

What pupils can expect at LT4U

At LT4U pupils will not be given any advice but hopefully being able to talk with an experienced Listener will help them better understand their feelings, find their own solutions and make their own decisions about what they want to do.

Each time of listening will last up to 25 minutes and will take place in a safe discreet place within the school. This will normally be in the Pupil Support Department.

What pupils say to the Listener is totally confidential unless it is illegal or the Listener is concerned for their safety or the safety of someone else.
The Listener will then talk to them about who is the best person to speak with to keep them safe or for further advice.

All enquiries should be directed to Mrs N Strachan-Young in the Pupil Support Deparment.

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